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Springhill B&B and Winery

Springhill Wines

Dry Wines

Chardonnay - $14.00

A delicate, medium-bodied, dry white wine of ripe apple fruit and Kentucky oak

Magnolia - $12.00

Dry Rose, delicately blended of Riesling and Chambourcin with refreshing floral notes and layers of tropical tangy fruit.

Springhill Bordeaux - $16.00

This lush red wine has deep, rich berry flavors with a full, mouthwatering body that will make you want to chew this without the steak!

Cabernet Franc - $14.00

You may not be as familiar with the Cabernet Franc, but this wine has rich fruit with a hint of black cherry, coffee, and chocolate. Smooth tannins accented by American oak

Cabernet Sauvignon - $14.00

A classic red, this Cabernet will please even the most demanding of palates. Rich fruit with a hint of black cherry, smooth tannins, accented by American oak. The best of Kentucky!

Kentucky Roots - $16.00

This medium bodied red has soft tannins and balance for a rich soft taste. The medium charcoal toasted oak aging enhances the black cherry fruits for a lingering finish. This is a special blend of Cab Sauv and Merlot.

Merlot - $14.00

This medium-bodied red has soft tannins and balance providing a rich full taste. Aged in Kentucky white oak barrels, with a light charcoal toast, enhancing the black cherry fruits and finish.

Merlot Reserve - $20.00

A classic composition of overripe fruit and malolactic fermentation that develops the deep flavors of black cherry preserves with charred oak aging. This is a unique wine of depth and sophistication.

Cumberland Red - $12.00

This is a medium-bodied dry red Chambourcin wine with a deep velvet color. It has a rich aroma with dark berry and cherry flavors in a perfect blend.

Semi-Sweet Wines

Four Pillars - $14.00

Springhill's newest wine, a semi-dry red Chambourcin. A fruity nose with hints of cherries, blackcurrants, and blackberries. Showcasing a wide variety of berries, this full-flavored wine could easily become your new favorite.

Raspberry Fox - $12.00

This is a delightful blend of Raspberry and the French red grape, Chambourcin. This wine is perfect with steak or pasta.

Morning Rose - $12.00

This is a sweet ruby red that boosts of vibrant flavors kissed with light sweetness.

Ruby Rubus- $12.00

This Bordeaux Raspberry blend brings for a nice fruity taste that adds a certain sweetness to the usual dry wine. Enjoy it alone or paired with a delicious red meant dish

Sweet Wines

Blueberry Thrill - $14.00

This sweet Blueberry wine is loaded with fruit-forward ripeness right from the farm. The rich dark berry fills your senses with flavors and lingers on your palate with a lasting finish. What a thrill!

Cherry Passion - $14.00

This wine is a sweet full-bodied cherry wine of ripe fruit flavors and passionate notes of cherry blossom. Bring on the bird and the bees!

Sweet Chambourcin- $14.00

This deep velvety wine is full of aromatic flavor. With a pleasant sweetness of fruit, it pairs well with a crisp salad topped with aged cheese or a rich chocolate dessert.

Purple Reign- $16.00

Made from Concord grapes, this wine delivers juicy grape flavoring that is beloved by all.

Summer Nights - $15.00

Made from Niagara grapes, this sweet wine showcases prominent white grape flavors with an aroma of floral jasmine.

Kentucky Rose - $18.00

This fruity rose portrays sweet notes of berries with a slight tart finish, it is a blend of a berry wine and Vidal Blanc wine.

Mango Wineshine - $18.00

If you like flavored moonshine this is our wine version. Delicious wine fortified with Brandy that lights up the flavors.

Springhill Plantation B&B and Winery

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