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Springhill B&B and Winery

Springhill Wines

Dry Wines

Spring Mist - $10.00

This dry white is lightly fragrant with citrus, apple, and melon flavors blended from a Chardonnay and Riesling.

Magnolia - $10.00

You will love this dry delicate Rose' of floral notes and layers of tropical tangy fruit.

Springhill Bordeaux - $16.00

This lush red wine has deep, rich berry flavors with a full, mouthwatering body that will make you want to chew this without the steak! Perfect balance, smooth tannins ... you will agree this is one of the best of Springhill!

Cabernet Franc - $16.00

This wine has a rich fruit flavor with a hint of black cherry, coffee, chocolate, smooth tannins accented by American oak.

This is Vintner's Choice.

Cabernet Sauvignon - $14.00

A classic red, this Cabernet will please even the most demanding of palates. Rich fruit with a hint of black cherry, smooth tannins, accented by American oak. The best of Kentucky!

Merlot - $14.00

The elegant standard of wines. This earthy, medium-bodied red, has nice tannins and balance for a rich soft taste. The KY white oak barrels, with light charcoal toast, enhance the black cherry fruits and finish.

Kentucky Roots - $16.00

This awesome medium-bodied red has great tannins and balance for a rich soft taste. The medium charcoal toasted oak aging enhances the black cherry fruits for a lingering finish. This is a special blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Chardonnay - $14.00

We call it a "Southern Chardonnay" with its delicate color nutty character, and apple undertones. Aged in American oak, this Chardonnay is a beautiful dry white with the perfect balance of fruits.

Merlot Reserve - $16.00

A classic composition of overripe fruit and malolactic fermentation that develops the deep flavors of black cherry preserves with charred oak aging. This is a unique wine of depth and sophistication.

Cumberland Red - $10.00

This is a medium-bodied dry red Chambourcin wine with a deep velvet color. It has a rich aroma with dark berry and cherry flavors in a perfect blend.

Caberi - $14.00

This delicious red wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, and a touch of fresh Rasberry. Thus, you have complex layers of berry taste that will sparkle with any mix of green salad, red meat, or wild game. This wine is perfect for your Fall Gatherings and Holidays!

Semi-Sweet Wines

Raspberry Fox - $12.00

This is a delightful blend of Raspberry and the French red grape, Chambourcin. This wine is perfect with steak or pasta.

Morning Rose - $10.00

This is a sweet ruby red that boosts of vibrant flavors kissed with light sweetness.

Sweet Wines

Blueberry Thrill - $14.00

This sweet Blueberry wine is loaded with fruit-forward ripeness right from the farm. The rich dark berry fills your senses with flavors and lingers on your palate with a lasting finish. What a thrill!

Cherry Passion - $14.00

This wine is a sweet full-bodied cherry wine of ripe fruit flavors and passionate notes of cherry blossom. Bring on the bird and the bees!

Blackberry Wineshine - $16.00

If you like flavored moonshine this is our wine version. Delicious wine fortified with Brandy that lights up the flavors.

Mango Wineshine - $16.00

If you like flavored moonshine this is our wine version. Delicious wine fortified with Brandy that lights up the flavors.

SpringPort - $10.00

A Cabernet Franc ruby port with layered flavors of ripe berry fruit, coffee, chocolate, and toasted oak that puts a tingle of (18%) spirits on the tip of your tongue. Best served after dinner and before bed!

Springhill Plantation B&B and Winery

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